About Us

Shipping - Transfers - Private Shopping from USA to China. 快递物流, 转运, 购物购买 | Kang Hua Express 康华快递

shipping to china

Where Our Journey Started

We started Kang Hua Express because there was no economical way to ship packages to China. The process is either too complex or too expensive. We packaged it. Now we have a streamline process to ship.


How We Packaged It

Contained here you will find cheap shipping with ease. No more filling out customs form. No more spending money and time on packaging. No more physical shopping. Let us wrap it up for you.

Seamless Experience

We know it’s complicated and time-consuming. Sending gifts and necessities to loved ones shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we want to make it the most simple shipping experience. We are now servicing to shoppers and shippers from U.S and China


Why We Are Unique


No need to pay a penny for boxes. Or even bubble wrap or tape!


Because we believe in minimal effort, and because we know you don’t like forms and waiting in lines.


Don’t you hate when someone forget to message you back? Not us, we are on top of our customer service game.