Shipping - Transfers - Private Shopping from USA to China. 快递物流, 转运, 购物购买 | Kang Hua Express 康华快递

Frequently Asked Questions:

[1] How many days for shipping?

 + Normal time is 10-15 business days. Customs clearing may prolong the time, and unfortunately the speed of the customs process is out of our control. During high volume like holiday season, it may take longer. To avoid the high volume period, plan and ship ahead of time.

[2] Am I subject to Customs Tax?

 + All shipping methods through our company (i.e. not USPS) has Customs Tax covered. So worry not.

[3] Can I ship an iPhone, Cellphones, Laptops, Tablets?

 + Although we cannot use our own shipping channel, we collaborated with USPS to ship special items like Apple products and phones.

[4] Can I ship brands like LV, Gucci, Burberry, Prada, and etc?

 + Although we cannot use our own shipping channel, we collaborated with USPS to ship special items like top tier bags.

[5] What shipping service do you use once it arrives in China?

 + Packages are shipped via air. Once it arrives in China and passes through customs, we use EMS or YTO to ship to the recipient.

[6] How is cost calculated?

 + Rates varies based on product type. Refer to our rate table below. Custom tax may apply. Insurance is based on customer’s decision. Oversized items may incur dimension fee.

[7] How is weight rounded?

 + Anything below 0.2 lb is rounded down. For example, for a package weighing 4.19 pounds, fee is calculated based on 4 pounds, for a package weighing 4.2 pounds, fee is calculated based on 5 pounds.

[8] Can I ship oversize items like a suitcase?

 +We can ship oversize items, however a dimension fee applies.

Dimensions calculation in inches, (length x width x height)/139. Subtract it by the actual package weight. We will be responsible for paying half of the fee, so dividing it by half will be the additional pounds that is added to the package weight.

For example:
A package weighs 20 pounds. The dimension calculation is (length x weight x height )/139 = 36. Dimension fee is 36-20 = 16 pounds. Customer only pays for half. 16/2 = 8 pounds. Total fee is that of 20 + 8 = 28 pounds.

[9] Who pays customs tax?

 + We pay for customs tax. The per pound price includes customs tax, except for bags and electronics with value of $200 or more, customer are required to pay customs tax of 5% of declared value.

[10] Should I buy insurance?

 + We recommend purchasing insurance for packages over $200 value. Insurance is 2% of declared package value.

[11] How much does packaging service or supplies cost?

 + We package for you, for free. This is where we excel, we package it securely so your items will arrive safely. We will wrap delicate items with bubble wrap and empty room with foam. We provide the necessary shipping supplies.

[12] What if I have items in multiple categories?

 + If a package contains items from different categories, price will be calculated using the category with higher cost. We will avoid it if quantity and weight allows.

[13] What if something happens to my package?

 + Our post sale service is better than that of our competitors. For damaged and lost packages, contact us right away to investigate into the matter. If no insurance was purchased, we will still compensate based on the proof of value declared up to $200 USD. If insurance was purchased, we will compensate based on the proof of value and evidence of insurance purchased, of the claim amount.